2.3. Setting Up Your Environment


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2.3. Setting Up Your Environment

VoltDB comes with shell command scripts that simplify the process of developing and deploying VoltDB applications. These scripts are in the /bin folder under the installation root and define short-cut commands for executing many VoltDB actions. To make the commands available to your session, you must include the /bin directory as part your PATH environment variable.

You can add the /bin directory to your PATH variable by redefining PATH. For example, the following shell command adds /bin to the end of the environment PATH, assuming you installed the VoltDB Enterprise Edition as /voltdb-ent-n.n .n-xxxx in your $HOME directory:

$ export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/voltdb-ent-n.n.n-xxxx/bin"

To avoid having to redefine PATH every time you create a new session, you can add the preceding command to your shell login script. For example, if you are using the bash shell, you would add the preceding command to the $HOME/.bashrc file.